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Directions to the Orchard

We are located at 130 Lost Acres Road, North Granby, Connecticut
Our telephone is 860-653-6600

You can always email us a (although we don't usually check email while we're cooking- so if it's urgent or you are lost, please call)

North Granby is located in Northern Connecticut, on the Massachusetts borders, just south of Granville, Mass. (If you look at a map of Connecticut we're by the little notch in the top center)

Take Exit 40 - the Bradley Airport Exit
Follow airport connector road to Route 20 - Granby/East Granby exit
Follow Route 20 West to Granby Center - about 5 miles.
At the intersection of 10, 202 and 189, go straight across onto 189 & 20.
At next light, stay to the right onto Route 189

Follow about 5 miles to Lost Acres Road on your left...we are 1.2 miles up into the woods (the only significant intersection between Lost Acres Road and the center of town is a blinking red light you'll get to after about 4 miles, by the post office....)

Hope to see you soon!

Please Note: If you are putting our address into your GPS, we are located in NORTH Granby...that can sometimes make a difference.

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