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Welcome to Lost Acres Orchard

We are a small family-run farm located in the scenic hills of North Granby, Connecticut. Our property includes several acres of apple and peach trees, a farm store with full kitchen and bakery, a cider mill and vegetable gardens.

Our farm store is open year round, featuring baked goods, jams and jellies made from our fruits, freshly prepared take home meals, and local honey and maple syrup. In season we also have fruits, vegetables and cider for sale.

The wraparound porch attached to our bakery is open whenever the weather permits (generally April through October) for you to enjoy coffee, pastries, desserts or a light lunch with an idyllic view. The area is enclosed with windows to protect against rain or wind, and screens to allow the country breezes through.

For frequent updates on what's cooking, visit our Facebook page, or click on the 'In Season' tab to the left.


Open Tuesday through Sunday 9am to 5pm

Lunch available daily 11am - 3pm

Soups, Salads, Quiche, Frittata, Desserts

Quiche, Frittata & Pastries also available in the morning.





We're on the same street, and certainly enjoy their wine and winery, but Lost Acres Vineyard and Lost Acres Orchard are entirely separate businesses. Of course, we certainly recommend visiting both of us while you're in the neighborhood. Thank you for supporting local farms!

To contact the vineyard, please visit Lost Acres Vineyard


Lost Acres Orchard
130 Lost Acres Road
North Granby, Ct 06060